Too Hot To Play Outside With Curvy Wife Kayley Gunner 63

Too Hot To Play Outside With Curvy Wife Kayley Gunner

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简介:[PornSeed.Net] Super sexy curvy wife Kayley Gunner is always on the hunt for a stud and one lucky hunk, Dorian Del Isla, just broke down outside her front door! Calculated Kayley goes out to offer some assistance, convincing Dorian that he should come inside and get out of the heat while he waits for the tow-truck. Within minutes Kayley is in seduction mode, relaxing Dorian and letting him know her husband encourages her to have some fun anytime she lands some hard meat. Dorian's hard cock landed right in her mouth as she dropped to her knees, gagging blissfully on his throbbing fat dick. But once Kayley bent her huge juicy big ass over on the couch, enchanted Dorian pounded her tight hot wet married pussy, balls deep and exploded his creamy silver seed all over her beautiful big juicy tits! And since the truck has not arrived yet Kaylee suggest a round two! - INTERACTIVE TOY READY!

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